Mar 13

Ukraine Chronicles #3: Father Roman

“This is not war just of Ukraine. This is war of all civilization against evil.”

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Father Roman of the Church of the Most Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Lviv Ukraine

Father Roman is a priest and military chaplain at the Garrison church in Lviv. A Greek Catholic church in full communion with Rome, they are the second largest Catholic particular church (behind the Latin church) and practice the Eastern (byzantine) liturgy.

Garrison Church in Lviv, with restored frescoes by the Eckstein brothers

Unlike western armies where chaplains are commissioned officers, chaplains in Ukraine remain civilians and continue to minister to the civilian population alongside their military charges. Father Roman conducts mass for service members at local bases in the area, but he also holds sevices at the Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church in Lviv.

The paper doves were folded and placed by local orphans and commemorate Ukrainian soldiers lost in the war
Battle debris, including a Smerch rocket casing

I spoke with Father Roman about the war, the history of his Church, and current relief efforts. He also shared some combat anecdotes given to him by his soldiers, and reassured me about Ukrainian morale. This was an enjoyable and illuminating interview, please give his account of events a listen, and share with your friends.

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