Roundup 9/06/2021

Wi Spa Arrest, Libs get Psyopped yet again, Olympia Shooting

Wi Spa, Ivermectin, and the State of Modern Journalism

We’ve covered this incident previously, but last week Andy Ngo dropped a bomb of a scoop on what actually happened at the Wi Spa earlier this summer:

In case you’re a little fuzzy about the drama, excerpt from my previous substack on this:

Wi Spa: an individual filmed herself confronting spa staff after claiming a presumed transgender person exposed male genitalia in the female section of the spa. This claim has not been confirmed, and no more details have been offered. This incident led to two separate weekends of dueling protests and counter-protests featuring violent clashes, multiple stabbings, and dozens of arrests. In the podcast I discuss the various complications involving trans people, bathrooms, and sex segregated facilities, media manipulation, and I also talk about some of the tactics used by both sides during the street clashes.

I talked about this on my podcast (Wi Spa Incident episode) and you can also listen to my discussion with Jeremy Lee Quinn on this (and other topics) below:

The story wound up to pretty much be the worst-case scenario in that it appears to have happened as claimed, wasn’t a misunderstanding, and involved a convicted sex offender and trans-presenting person. I’ve stated this already, but I want to again make it clear that I don’t think this is acceptable behavior. I also don’t think this is a widespread problem, and the trans people I know and associate with are far more considerate than to do something like this.

However, there has been an uptick as of late in trans people that obsess about being trans to the point of making it the core of their identity, versus trans people that just see transition as merely a process of integrating into society. As I said in an interview with Michael Tracy:

Previously, being Trans “was just kind of a fact of existence,” Smith said. But with its ideological dimensions taking on such heavy emphasis in the past five years, “now it’s more like we’re making a political statement, so we’re going to make our gender identity — by its very existence — a political action. It’s almost a form of gender direct action, you could say.”

Ideally individuals shouldn’t be held responsible for the actions of others solely because they happen to share the same identity category or label. I’ve had several emails and DMs asking me my position on this however, and as something of a realist I know something has to be said about both this incident as well as the larger trend of weaponized gender identity. What happened at the Wi Spa was grossly inappropriate, and it’s incredibly wrong that leftist groups summarily rejected even the possibility that the claims were legitimate before showing up to violently oppose people rightly concerned about both the allegations, as well as the legal climate that made it possible.

Unfortunately this sort of knee-jerk reaction is only going to before more common as we grow ever more polarized. So much of American cultural and political discourse these days is less about the facts of the matter at hand than figuring out the stance of Team Outgroup, then taking the opposite position. It’s also incredibly disappointing (yet completely predictable) that media outlets would deliberately avoid investigating further and it took an independent reporter to break the story

Speaking of lazy/biased media and running with a narrative that flatters your priors without bothering to check, I regret to inform you that the Libs have been psyopped yet again:

Drew Holden has a good breakdown of the Oklahoma story:

The Wi Spa and Ivermectin claims are two different subjects that were completely bungled by the mainstream media, when both could have been clarified with a minor bit of research and fact checking (A photo implying people wear winter coats in Oklahoma in August should have sent up red flags for starters). The trans story was likely ignored for clear partisan reasons, while the ivermectin pieces ran almost certainly because they flattered media biases and dunking on flyover proles is often too juicy for coastal blue tribe types to resist. I don’t really have an opinion as to the efficacy of Ivermectin, but I do have an opinion as to the state of modern journalism: i.e. it’s crap, and is mostly driven by ideological midwits chasing clicks in a digital hellscape.

I’ve recommended this book before : Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. It’s a pretty handy book that explains how the media ecosystem operates and how to manipulate it for fun and profit, once you read it pretty much everything above will make sense. FYI: I have an older edition and I understand that the author has since updated it with a section ranting about Trump and the GOP, I think it’s still worth getting but if you decide to pass on principle I won’t judge you.

Olympia Anti-Mask Protest Shooting

Gunfire is starting to play a larger role again in the PNW protest scene, and this is concerning for obvious reasons. The latest incident was this past Saturday in Olympia during an anti-mask protest at the Capital, a conflict with Antifa ended when five rounds were fired and Proud Boy Tusitala “Tiny” Toese took a pistol round to the ankle.

I already covered the lessons from the August 22nd clash, I’m concerned that these incidents will escalate. People have a right to assemble and demonstrate, but something I’ve seen is escalating violence start to push out level-headed activists, draw in more low-impulse-control people, and prime them for further escalation. My worry is the possibility of a far more deadly incident, depending on who escalates the hardest.

The smartest thing for the patriot group to do going forward is to focus on a defensive mindset for safety as well as narrative/PR reasons. Lefties have a pretty clear track record of extreme violence when they’re on the defensive and pushed too hard, and now that there’s one dead(Aaron Danielson last August) and one wounded on the patriot side they may be looking for the sort of retribution that will trigger it. We’ll keep a close eye on the PNW for the near future.


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