7/20/2021 Roundup

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Firearms News Be Ready! 2021 Issue Released!

Hey folks! I’ve mentioned previously that I contributed two feature articles to the 2021 issue of Firearms News Be Ready! magazine, I’m excited to announce the issue has been released and can be found on newsstands and ordered online.

2021 Be Ready!

Rising unemployment, violent crime spiking to levels not seen in decades, a deeply divided nation with Red China on the rise is the world we live in today. Uncertain times to be sure, but Be Ready! will help get you through them. This issue features timely information to help you safely navigate the quickly changing world we live in.

Inside you'll find practical information, tips and techniques for dealing with a wide range of realistic scenarios you and your family might face. Erin Smith provides a valuable "insider's look" at how riots are organized and orchestrated by Antifa and Black Bloc, with valuable information in case you are caught in a riot. With so much uncertainty in the world today Smith also provides a comprehensive step-by-step plan for building your tribe of like-minded people. Other topics include vehicle self-recovery, titanium canteens, selecting the right backpack, a guide to bivy bags and how your dog can be a valuable aid during an emergency. There is also an in-depth piece on listening to short wave radio and why you should have a short wave radio receiver, and much more.

My two pieces (“Riot Dynamics” and “Build Your Tribe”) total 6,000 words of new, exclusive content, and include up-to-date information not shared anywhere else. These two articles complement each other and build on principles of political activism, with the former illustrating in detail how the radical left organizes to accomplish their violent goals and the latter walking you through basic steps to build robust networks to counter their agenda. If you’ve enjoyed my previous work and found it useful, this issue is a must-read. Click this link and order yours today!

(Antifa is pretty pissed about it BTW)

Ammoman Blog Interview Drops

I was recently interviewed by Ammoman’s Kevin Creighton on the topic of “How to Survive A Riot,” along with Greg Ellifritz and Michael Bane.

We turned to three experts in this field to get their take on how to survive a riot. Greg Ellifiritz is a firearms trainer and retired police officer who has also travelled extensively overseas, encountering violent protests and riots along the way. Michael Bane is a firearms writer and the former host of “The Best Defense” and “Best Defense: Survival” on Outdoor Channel. As a journalist, he specialized in covering riots and protests both in America and overseas. Erin Smith is a writer and activist who spent weeks undercover during the 2020 riots on the west coast, where she got a first-hand look at how today’s protests are organized and how they can affect innocent bystanders. 

This is a pretty good piece with several different perspectives, definitely go give it a read.

Interview with Jeremy Lee Quinn of Unblocked Live

I had a really great discussion with Jeremy Quinn about the Wi Spa Incident and subsequent protests/clashes, as well as our respective experiences going undercover in black bloc during the 2020 riots (Jeremy was profiled in the New York Times last year). We had an informative discussion about LGBT issues, activism, and the black bloc, it was definitely a nice change of pace to talk with someone else that’s spent time undercover in the radical left.

Podcast on Wi Spa/SF Chorus Song controversy/UK Dildo Monkey library Costume

I did a follow up podcast at my Contextual Insurgent Podcast talking about the implication of the Wi Spa transgender incident, the San Francisco Gay Mens’ Chorus grooming song controversy, and the dancing dildo monkey kerfuffle in the UK. That’s a lot of crazy stuff for one podcast I admit, but as they’re all LGBT or LGBT-adjacent stories and I’m one of those LGBT-type people (although the left keeps claiming my intersectional card has been revoked) I figured I needed to break these stories down for you and provide some perspective. You can click the links for more information, but a quick overview:

  • Wi Spa: an individual filmed herself confronting spa staff after claiming a presumed transgender person exposed male genitalia in the female section of the spa. This claim has not been confirmed, and no more details have been offered. This incident led to two separate weekends of dueling protests and counter-protests featuring violent clashes and dozens of arrests. In the podcast I discuss the various complications involving trans people, bathrooms, and sex segregated facilities, media manipulation, and I also talk about some of the tactics used by both sides during the street clashes.

  • SFGMC: The San Francisco Gay Mens’ Chorus performed a musical number about converting conservative children to gay allies and released it on youtube, the “conversion” theme was uncomfortably close to the “molest children and convert them to homosexuals” trope and it led to a completely predictable backlash. I talk about media manipulation here as well as leveraging the victimhood narrative (including fake threats a la Gamergate) and the implications of totalizing ideologies.

  • Library Dancing Dildo Monkey: An adult-themed dance troupe was hired to perform skits promoting reading at a children’s library in East London, one of the costumes involved a rainbow money with naked buttocks and an erect dildo. Local parents got extremely angry and in this instance the library and troupe apologized profusely, likely because the parents are Muslims and they miscalculated by pulling this prank in a Muslim neighborhood.

Jeremy was Wi Spa both weekends and got great footage, go give him a follow on twitter and check out his clips from the weekend.

I have a podcast episode scheduled Thursday on lessons from South Africa, and another one this weekend on the Black Rifle Coffee Company controversy. Stay tuned!

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