Daily Dispatch #2 episode drops

State of Play with guest Techbro Tito

Hello friends and new subscribers,

You may remember I recently split my podcast into two separate series, with the original one continuing in a 10 episode season format focused on continuing the goal disseminating practical knowledge and relates theoretical concepts, and a newer, more loosely structured Daily Dispatch series for free-flowing current events commentary.

Dispatch #2 for the latter series dropped this morning, join me as I have a winding conversation with guest Techbro Tito about the Capitol Uprising, blowback, and the future of tech and America.

Contextual Insurgent Podcast Daily Dispatch #2

Tonight for the Contextual Insurgent piece I’m recording another piece with season 1 episode #3 and #4 guest Tad, where we discuss his experiences building offline community and affinity groups during the Bolivian revolt and provide tips and action items to do this yourself as the Great Disconnect gathers steam.

stay safe, and keep the faith.